Wednesday, September 19, 2007

What You Need for a Good, Fun Barbeque

What else can you do during the hot and sweaty summer time besides getting a lot of sunbathing? Don't you think you need something even more sizzling hot?

Yes, I am talking about barbecue! Writing about it, I can already visualize the tasty color of the food. The more I talk about it, the more I feel hungry and drool. However, I know I must finish this article to give you some tips on having an excellent barbecue!

For all of you out there who are throwing a barbeque for the first time, here are some great tips.

First of all, assuming you have a decently sized back yard, you need plan a budget. You need a good grill, supplies for the grill, utensils, paper plates, paper cups, napkins, paper towel, meat, salad, drinks and snacks. The most expensive thing would be the grill, including charcoal and fuel. The next most expensive thing is your meat. Try to shop around for sales, if your budget is tight. The other things are relatively inexpensive, so long as your barbeque isn't going to be a few hundred guests.

It's very important to check the weather. You should always plan some indoor activities in case it gets too hot or begins to rain. Hopefully you will have a nice comfortable temperature on a sunny day. Once you have decided which day to have it, and how much money you will spend, you can plan the invitation list and begin looking for the necessary items. You need to consider how much people will eat and drink, so that you can make sure there is enough for everyone. You can invite friends, family, and neighbors.

You should cook on the grill a few days before to make sure it is working properly. It is a good idea to purchase the meat the night before, but most other items can be purchased earlier and stored. (paper goods, soda, chips, etc.) Start calling your friends and family to make sure they will be coming over. Otherwise, what are you going to do with all of that food?

Some good barbeque recipes can be found online. Try websites like or Try at least one of these recipes during the trial run of the grill. Not only can you find barbeque recipes, but also some recipes for lettuce, potato or macaroni salad. Dessert is also available. If you don't have time to make all of these things yourself, many supermarkets will have these things prepared already near the deli and bakery sections.

So what will you do besides eat? If you are inviting family that you haven't seen for a while, there will be a lot of talking to catch up going on. It's always nice to have background music, board games, and some home videos to share. If you have a big back yard, the kids can play with a ball, but be sure that they are a safe distance from the grill. Be creative, there is nothing like keeping company with family, friends and good food.

I love barbecue food, and I hope you do too. It is time for you to have a blast!

Jonny Hanson is a barbecue lover! He thoroughly adores barbecue food. Not only in the summer he would throw an excellent barbecue party, but he does it as well in the winter. Jonny learnt his recipe from his granddad who unfortunately had passed away. This is not the same old recipe that you get from everyone else. He promised his granddad that he would pass on this secret recipe to others. Jonny runs a personal website on barbecue food. Visit his website today at to find tips on making your barbecue sizzling hot and tasty!

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