Wednesday, September 19, 2007

BBQ Menu Ideas for Labor Day

Labor Day is the last day of summer and our last chance to enjoy summertime pleasures so, use these fun and appetizing barbeque menu ideas for your next Labor Day bash. Summer fruits will soon be out of season and replaced by apples and pumpkins.

Use summer fruits like watermelons and peaches for your menu. Try a fruit salad in the shell of a hollowed out watermelon. It's not only good to eat, it adds to the beauty of a stunning buffet table. You can use a few peaches arranged in a decorative bowl as a centerpiece. Add the head of a flower or two and you've not only created a beautiful piece to look, it's delicious too.

Go all out with the traditional barbeque foods like hotdogs and hamburgers. Arrange a table of every kind of topping you can think of for the hamburgers and hotdogs. Bowls of fresh, crisp lettuce, juicy tomatoes cut into slices, pickles, sauerkraut, ketchup and mustard and tons of other things will give your guests their choice to create the burger of their dreams. Barbequed spare ribs and chicken wings are a treat most people love but don't care to go through the effort it takes to prepare them on a normal basis.

A Labor Day party is the perfect opportunity to indulge yourself with these tasty treats. It wouldn't be a barbeque without cold salads like potato salad, cole slaw or macaroni salad. Take the time to make them yourself or ask all of your guests to bring something.

Use tablecloths that bring out the summer feeling. The classic red and white checkered tablecloths are fun or pick a theme like pretty bugs or flowers. Make sure to break out the citronella candles and torches before the sun goes down. Mosquito season is still in full bloom and the only thing you want your guests to take home is the satisfaction of a summers end not little, itchy bug bites.

To complete your Labor Day party have on hand party games and activities for the kids. Surf the internet for ideas. Even if you don't get to do all the activities, it is good to have them available just in case there is a lull in the party. Enjoy yourself and so will your guests!

We found free party games and coloring pages for Labor Day at Labor Day Weekend. Labor Day history and fun facts can be used to create trivia games giving the holiday added meaning.

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