Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Enjoy BBQ Beef All Year Long

Beef and barbeque go hand in hand when it comes to summer grilling. No matter if you are grilling steak, burgers or beef dogs, there is nothing like barbecued beef. The taste and texture can compare to nothing else.

Even in the winter you can get that barbeque taste into your beef by using a slow cooker. You will find lots of info on how to do this on the internet if your cravings get too much for you next winter.

Here is a great way to enjoy beef dogs that both child and child at heart will relish. Its a proven hit with everyone year after year.

Get your beef dogs and slice them from top to bottom. Make the cut about half way deep and fill the dogs with thin slices of cheese. As an alternative you can fill them with minced onion although a lot of children do not like the taste of onions. Wrap a strip of bacon around your dogs and you are ready to go. Place them either on your grill or in the oven. You will know when your dog is done because the cheese will ooze out of them. Put them on buns and you have a great treat that will please kids, both big and small.

There are certain protocols that you must use when you are barbequing raw meat. Every year, thousands of people succumb to illnesses that come from bacteria on raw meat. It is very important that you follow the guidelines of grilling meat to avoid these illnesses.

A tip to remember is never to put your barbeque sauce on raw meat because the sauce will seal the meat and the flavor of the barbeque will not be able to absorb. Also, when you brush the sauce on, you will pass any bacteria that might be on a piece of meat to any others you brush after that.

Avid and competition grillers believe that by applying a dry rub to meat before it is grilled gives it the best flavor. Other grillers apply liquid smoke to meats such as beef brisket to give it an incredible flavor. Onions, celery and salt are also commonly used on this type of meat to create a succulent flavor that all will enjoy.

Many grillers heat their sauce and then apply it to the beef when it has been cooking for a while. By doing this you can eliminate some of the time it takes for the meat to reach the required temperature.

When the barbeque beef is done, it should sit for about ten to fifteen minutes to allow it to finish cooking and cool down. This not only makes cutting the meat easier, it also seals in the juices of the meat. Any juices that are left over can be simmered and reduced to make gravy for open-faced sandwiches.

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