Wednesday, September 19, 2007

For Ease of Use Nothing Beats a Barbeque Gas Grill

As most barbeque lovers know there is an ongoing debate over which the best type of grill to own is; a charcoal grill or a barbeque gas grill. For many people nothing beats the smoky flavor of their favorite foods cooked over hot coals. And while it can be hard to dispute the charm and additional flavor of cooking over charcoal, there are some good reasons why using a barbeque gas grill is a better choice.

There are people who like to barbeque all year round, even in the dead of winter. For those who are located more southerly this may not present as much of a problem because it remains relatively warm. But there are people farther north who think nothing of digging their grill out of the snow and firing it up on the coldest of days. This is where the gas barbeque grill comes in handy. No messing around with messy charcoal bags and waiting for the coals to get ready. With the automatic igniters on most gas grills these hardy souls can be grilling in no time.

One of the big draw backs of a charcoal grill are they can be messy to operate and maintain. If you use your charcoal barbeque grill a lot you know that the ash build up and getting rid of those ashes is a messy hassle. Those ashes can also present a fire hazard, particularly if left on a wood deck in an ash bucket. There is also the potential fire hazard that comes with using charcoal and the lighter fluid needed to get the coals going.

There is no grill out there that can beat the ease and manageability of a barbeque gas grill. They can be used anytime of the year and the worry of lighting the charcoal and waiting for the coals to get ready is a thing of the past. And while a gas barbeque grill does need maintenance there is not the messy ash to deal with. No more scooping the ash out of the bottom of the barbeque and trying to find a place to dump them.

Probably the greatest asset of the barbeque gas grill is how quickly you can fire it up and be ready to grill. If you have propane in the tank enjoying some tasty barbeque is just the push of the igniter away. If you have natural gas service to your house you can even hook your grill up to that and never have to worry about running out of propane or charcoal again. You can convert a propane grill to natural gas with a conversion kit you can buy at any home improvement store.

Although some people will disagree there is not much difference between the food cooked on a charcoal grill and on a barbeque gas grill. It my take a little getting used to the way a gas grill barbeques your food, but the ease of use will get you cooking your favorite barbeque recipes in no time.

Andrew Bicknell is a barbeque aficionado with a website about barbequing. For more information about barbeque gas grill visit his web site Backyard Barbeque.

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