Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Is The BBQ Apron An American Tradition?

Is it not the perfect picture of summer, the barbeque sizzling away with an array of seafood, chicken, steaks and onions, behind the table laid for lunch with salad, cold drinks and napkins and there is dad standing there in his plastic covered BBQ apron with a picture of a lady in suspenders and stockings on the front! Not really the most perfect apron for the barbeque, but the best one in the house for keeping dad’s clothes clean from flying spits of oil and marinade.

So what is the best apron to use at a barbeque? Anything really. We have had some amazing aprons in this house. Needless to say the plastic apron with the picture of a lady in suspenders and stockings (not sure about the lady bit!) is probably the most bizarre for cooking on the barbeque, but we have also had some more appropriate ones.

My favorite BBQ apron came free and was given courtesy of a wonderful magazine called The Gourmet Traveler. It was a great apron as it was black and did not show any signs of food or spatters and just on the front at chest level was the name of the magazine. Very tasteful and I have had my man in that one many a time. When we have not been able to find either of those we have to rely on the one I use for washing dishes and cooking sometimes.

This other kitchen apron is not the preferred BBQ attire of the MOTH (man of the house) as it is a short apron with frills around the outside and turquoise flowers all over it, but it does the job and keeps him clean and if we have no special guests, he is happy to wear it. Not surprisingly, he gives up the fight living with a house full of females!

So the best BBQ apron for your family barbecue is the one you can find... and in our case, the one dad will wear!

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