Wednesday, September 19, 2007

It's So Easy A Caveman Could Do It, Cooking With Charcoal

There's nothing like the smell of food cooking on a barbeque grill. It fills the air, making your mouth water and your neighbors envious. Many people are now opting to use gas grills, because they are not as messy as the charcoal ones, but nothing can replace the taste of charcoal broiled food. Unlike the days of your parents, where there was pretty much just one style of charcoal barbeques to choose from, now there is a wide variety available that allow you to cook in your backyard, or even at the beach.

The charcoal barbeque grill is still popular for several reasons. They are less expensive than their costly gas powered cousins, and there's one to fit every price range. They also now come in many styles, so whether you're just grilling up some burgers and hotdogs, or preparing a gourmet feast, you can find one that will suit whatever your culinary abilities are. Despite the different styles that they come in, they all share the same basic characteristics. Each comes with the grill, the charcoal bin and the stand that it sets on.

You can still purchase the older versions that have a round grill and body, but before you do, consider the other options available. You can buy portable ones that have a bowl shaped container and a tripod type stand with wheels or you can buy ones that are shaped like a bread box, due to its attached closeable hood. The more sophisticated ones have built in smokers to make your food even tastier. There are grills that have knobs to control the temperature and others that have side shelves to hold your spices or pans of food and then fold down when you you're done with them. If you're going on a trip and want to take your barbeque with you, there are also very inexpensive, small charcoal grills available. They're only approximately 15", which means that they can go wherever you do.

A common complaint about charcoal grills is that they are messy to clean. You may need a heavy wire brush to cleanse them effectively. Another complaint is that it takes time to get the charcoals hot enough to cook. They can pose a danger when adding lighter fluid and are subject to flare ups. The good news is that you can now buy charcoal that has the fluid on them already, and that heat up quickly.

If you're not planning to barbecue that much and don't want to invest in a metal grill, you can now get disposable charcoal grills. Many stores carry them and they're small enough to fit on a tabletop. They are made of foil and use a wire mesh for the grilling surface. Once you're finished using it, you just put out the fire, wait for it to cool and then toss it away.

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