Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Blue Ribbon Barbeque - a Great Place to Eat

Are you a fan of barbeque? When was the last time that you visited a GOOD barbeque restaurant? Well, if those questions are of interest to you then I have something really interesting to talk to you about: the Blue Ribbon barbeque restaurant! Naturally, I wouldn’t spend any time writing a review about a restaurant, even if I was very satisfied with it. Blue Ribbon however, is an exception to this rule. I am more than happy that I once took the descision to eat there. After that day, I visit it as many times as possible; sometimes, several times a week!

The first thing that will strike you about this restaurant is that it’s very simple and clean. The ambience is really casual, I like it. If you are a maniac about what you eat Blue Ribbon has a great surprise for you, the kitchen is wide open so you can have a good look at what you are going to eat! I find this to be a great advantage over the other restaurants because I am always concerned about what goes down my stomach. Furthermore, the next time that you are going to hear about a restaurant where they cook/serve irresponsibly you will know that it hasn’t happened to you.

Regarding the food, it’s great and the variety is vast! Honestly, I haven’t eaten such a tasty barbeque food for years! They definitely have a very adept chef in there; I’m sure about that, my stomach tells me! The prices are very good too; you will get great quantities of quality food for a very reasonable price. In fact, most of the times not only will your stomach be full but you will also get to take home enough left over to eat the next day.

I really recommend visiting this restaurant. It’s not just one or two things that make this restaurant so great. Everything that makes up this restaurant is so beautifully linked to the other aspects of it that you will never consider going to another barbeque place. Honestly, if you are a hard – to –persuade person then you should look for yourself; I guarantee that you would thank me and buy me a dinner if you ever had the chance to meet me there (and if I had a magic, little cloud above my head signing “this is the guy who wrote that review!” of course!)!

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