Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Hosting a Hawaiian Luau

The Hawaiian Luau is not your typical backyard barbeque by any means, but it is certainly a fun occasion. Unlike the barbeque, you won’t find the typical hamburgers, hot dogs, and soft drink fare here, but that of the Islands with the drinks served in pineapples, coconuts, and other foods native to the Islands. If you have a pool, you may choose to decorate the surrounding area to resemble that one might find in Hawaii such as palm trees, leis, and tropical island snacks, fruits, and drinks.

For those who have dreamed of going to the Polynesian Islands but have not yet had the pleasure, the Hawaiian luau can give them a small taste of what they are missing. There is nothing better in the summer than to be transported to the Islands into a land that has only been in your dreams. In this land of make-believe, you can be anywhere you want to be, so just close your eyes and imagine that you are looking at Honolulu, Maui, or any of the other islands that comprise Hawaii.

While you sit around enjoying the tropical fruits, drinks, and entrees, you can visualize the land around you and make believe that you have been transported in time to another place, a place that is rich in tropical fruits, beverages that are freshly made from the fruits, and foods that are rich with the taste of pineapples, coconuts, and other tasty additions. In Hawaii, the word luau means “feast,” and it is not a huge celebration but rather a gathering of family and friends for food, fun, and entertainment that may even include a family member on the guitar or ukulele. Add your own touches to it and make it just what it is in Hawaii, friends and family together to have a great time.

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