Thursday, October 4, 2007

Cook Up Some Delicious Articles - Barbeque Style

Many article writers tend to fall into self-made traps. One of these traps is following a logical progression of work from start to finish before starting new work.

After the category choice, authors decide on a title, THEN move on to the KEYWORDS, then to the ABSTRACT, then the BODY and then the AUTHOR BIO.

Very rigid.

Believe it or not, by moving outside of this 'writer restriction', you can enjoy a new-found freedom with your article writing. Because, believe it or not, your mind works on different things at different times, even when you're not aware of it. Which is really cool.

Think of it like a barbeque where you're the chef and everyone is over...and they're hungry. (They're always hungry, aren't they?) Of course you've got people coming and going, so you find yourself putting more burgers on, then flipping them, then moving them to a different part of the grill, then throwing on more. Then putting new ones on and flipping and moving those.

(See where I'm headed...)

But, get this, as you're throwing new ones on, you're still thinking about the first ones you put on. Even though they're not what you're thinking about AT THAT EXACT SECOND, somewhere inside your head you know that you'll have to turn them. So you're mentally prepared to RETURN TO THEM. You're actually orchestrating a meal in several, if not many, stages while you're standing there wearing that "Stand Back, This Could ALL Explode At Any Second!" apron on.

You're working on different levels...and you're probably NOT AWARE OF IT.

The suggestion I have then is to take the restrictions off and start up five or six articles. When you feel in the mood to do more on the ABSTRACT of article #2, do it, if you feel more apt to work on the BODY of #4, because you're in the the mood at that time, by all means do it.

This way you follow your own lead and follow your creative mood when it hits you. Because trust me, it does not happen for all article writers the same way...

Following the barbeque trick is tough at first because we're programmed to do things from start to finish. But if you want the best tasting articles, flip them when they're ready and just keep the party going all the time.

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